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Pompeii - Antiquarium of Boscoreale

Tour Description

Visit Pompei and skip the line!

A guided tour in the ancient Pompeii, +buried by the eruption of 79A.D. and discovered only in the 18th century. The excavations offer the best look at ancient Roman life and we will dwell on the best preserved findings,including the Baths,some elegant houses,the theathres,some typical shops,the so called lupanare(the red light district),the frescoes,but also the casts of the victims.
After visiting Pompeii we will reach by private car the Antiquarium of Boscoreale, located few kilometres far away from Pompeii; it is an archaeological museum but different from the classic museums because it offers a reconstruction of the way of life of the local people in antiquity and their relationship with the environment,thanks to the findings from Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplonti and Stabia, in fact it is possible to see organic materials well preserved because carbonised such as fruits and bread but also a great variety of wooden objects and others of everyday life: scalpels, perfume flasks and farm tools.
Close to the museum there is Villa Regina, an interesting example of a country villa wich presents a complete picture of winegrowing in antiquity, including a wine cella and a torcularium. The ancient vineyard has been replanted in the immediate vicinity of the villa.

Pompeii - Antiquarium of Boscoreale

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