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A Taste of Pompeii from home

Tour Details

  • Duration: Approximately 1 hours
  • Price: per person 10€
  • General Tips: The tour is suitable for kids ans adults A good internet connection is required

Tour Description

A special  experience which gives you a  great oversight of the history and archaeological significance of the eruption that destroyed and covered Pompeii in 79AD by recreating  a day  of touring the city from the comfort of your home.

First you'll get an introduction about the history of the city , the way it was covered during the eruption and of course the excavations of the site ; then, by using visual aids like videos , pictures and the map site, we will walk through the ancient roman streets , discovering public and private buildings such as shops , houses, theatres, baths and much more.

To join the tour you just need a good Internet connection and a device with a camera and a microphone ( smartphone , tablet or computer ) so that you can make your questions and make the tour so interactive!

A Taste of Pompeii from home

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